To be accepted to the Master's program in Chemistry at the Hebrew University, a candidate should be in possession of a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or a closely related subject. If the candidate studied at an Israeli University or College of Higher Education, the candidate will be considered with the GPA of 80 (on a 0-100 scale). Candidates having lower GPAs or holding degrees not in Chemical sciences may be admitted as Master’s Degree candidates only after formal approval by the Head of Chemistry Studies and may be required to complement studies with additional courses, depending on their background, GPA and the desired area of specialization.

Candidates with degrees from foreign universities are also eligible and are welcome to apply; in these cases, the degrees are first evaluated and approved as the HUJI equivalent by the HUJI Admissions Office. 

Importantly, before being considered, all candidates must find an available position in one of the research groups of the Institute of Chemistry. Typically this is done by directly contacting relevant Principle Investigators (Information on the research areas of each PI are available here).


The registration process for a Master’s degree consists of two stages:

  1. At the university level: (Office of Registration and Admissions) can be completed online or by means of a "registration packet".
  2. At the Faculty of Science level: can be done by setting up an account on the registration system completing the online form, and attaching the transcript of grades including the Bachelor’s degree average grade and accreditation of entitlement to the Bachelor’s degree, and finally pressing the " ‘Submit Forms’ button. " to complete the procedure.

Please note that:

  • Candidates who studied/study for the Bachelor's degree at the Hebrew University can attach an unofficial transcript of studies (taken from the student personal information) .
  • For candidates who have not yet received their accreditation of entitlement to the Bachelor’s degree it is sufficient to attach the transcript that includes the degree grade average.

Further information on the application procedure can be obtained by telephone +972-2-6586722 or email.  

Registration and admissions start in January. It is highly recommended that students register by the end of July of the same year in order to maximize their chances for acceptance and to enable the teaching program to integrate students into available teaching positions and to award competitive scholarships to those who are eligible and suitable.