International Students

The Institute of Chemistry welcomes international students to join our diverse and vibrant scientific community. The institute regularly hosts international students and researchers at all stages of their academic studies and carriers, including Master’s students, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from around the world.

Many students are attracted to Jerusalem for its long and rich history and culture, or to its energetic and unique spirit in the present. Others are attracted to Jerusalem’s world leading research and its reputation for international entrepreneurship.

The institute of Chemistry affords opportunities for Foreign students to visit and study in Israel, as well as opportunities for Israeli students to study abroad. You are encouraged to look at the available programs and find one that suits you.


Study Tracks for International Students

  • M.Sc and Ph.D. Programs. We offer international students the opportunity to enroll in our M.Sc and Ph.D programs. All courses at the Masters and PhD levels are taught in English, and all students are welcome to apply. Additional information is available here.    and here
    The Institute of Chemistry also holds several unique programs that allow students from specific institutions to enroll with us. These include
  1. Dual M.Sc. degree program with the University of Peruga
    For additional information on this program please contact the program advisor Prof. Dima Gelman
  2. Yeshiva University Pathways to Graduate Study in Israel and Innovation Nation STEM Scholarship. For additional information see here.
  • Exchange Programs. The Hebrew University has partnerships with many universities around the world which enable the exchange of students for a limited stay, typically one semester. 
    We welcome exchange and international students to join our programs. 
  • Courses offered in English for incoming exchange students. In the upcoming academic year, the following courses open to advances BSC students will be taught in English and are open to exchange students. These courses form a cluster of courses directed towards Material Science:

Chemistry of materials – lab - 69611

Quantum chemistry and its applications - 69615

Qeminar research for bsc students - 69550

Selected topics in chemistry of materials - 69993

Structure and x-ray scattering - 69829 

  • Additional courses taught in English:

Quantum chemistry and its applications - 69615

Mathematics methods in chemistry - 69834

  • In addition, upon the teachers approval, 3rd year undergraduate students may take MSc courses taught in English.
  • Rothberg International School. Students in the Rothberg International School (RIS) are able to enroll in chemistry courses. For details contact your study advisors at the Institute of Chemistry .
  • Note that all BSc courses are primarily taught in Hebrew. Students with adequate knowledge of Hebrew are eligible to take courses in Hebrew (Level “Daled” in Hebrew). Admissions and enrollment are the same as for domestic students.