Dr. Mattan Hurevich

Senior Lecturer of Chemistry
Los Angeles 312
02 6586 201

1997-2000: B.Sc. in Chemistry The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

2000-2002: M.Sc. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

2003-2010: Ph.D in Chemistry The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

2010-2014: Minerva postdoctoral fellowship at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces Berlin, Germany

Research Focus:
Carbohydrates are major components of biological systems and have many functions that ranges from purely structural ones to elusive fine-tuned communication ones. Carbohydrates (glycans), that is oligo- and poly-saccharides, are assembled from a monosaccharide building blocks that have multiple alcohol functional groups but vary in their structural features. This amazing variety accounts for the many roles of carbohydrates but makes their synthesis a very complex task because it requires the functionalization of a specific functional moiety in a sea of very similar groups. Chemical oligosaccharide synthesis suffers from many limitations that prevents it from reaching the same level of popularity associated with synthetic oligopeptides and oligonucleotides in which the protecting group removal is performed using simple and well established protocols

Our group develops synthetic strategies to facilitate the procurement of oligosaccharides. We exploit the use of photochemical reactions for the synthesis of oligosaccharides in a very mild conditions and use of photo labile protecting groups (PPGs) that can be liberated using LED irradiation as attractive solution for oligosaccharide synthesis.


We specialize in the state-of-the-art Automated Glycan Assembly (AGA) platform that enables fast and easy synthesis of complex glycans from simple monosaccharide building blocks. Our group develop explore the use of flow chemistry, solid phase chemistry, photochemistry and automation and their combination for oligosaccharide synthesis.


Selected publications

Mamidi Samarasimhareddy, Israel Alshanski, Evgeniy Mervinetsky, and Mattan Hurevich. 2018. “Photodeprotection of up to Eight Photolabile Protecting Groups from a Single Glycan.” Synlett, EFirst.

J. N. Naoum, K. Chandra, D. Shemesh, R. B. Gerber, C. Gilon, and M. Hurevich. 2017. “DMAP-assisted sulfonylation as an efficient step for the methylation of primary amine motifs on solid support.” Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 13: 806-816. Publisher's Version

H. S. Hahm, M. K. Schlegel, M. Hurevich, S. Eller, F. Schuhmacher, J. Hofmann, K. Pagel, and P. H. Seeberger. 2017. “Automated glycan assembly using the Glyconeer 2.1 synthesizer.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 17, 114: E3385-E3389.Publisher's Version

H. S. Hahm, M. Hurevich, and P. H. Seeberger. 2016. “Automated assembly of oligosaccharides containing multiple cis-glycosidic linkages.” Nature Communications, 7. Publisher's Version

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