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Chemistry serves as the basis for many diverse aspects of every day life, e.g. in biology, medicine, computer science and electronics, geology and agriculture.

Chemistry is both an applied science e.g. in the planning and preparation of medicine by scientists, material engineering, nanotechnology, bio-medicine, physical chemistry and more. but it is also a fundamental science that investigates the basic principles of nature e.g. chemical bonding, molecular interactions and more. 

Chemistry is also at the hear of Israel’s industry, from traditional chemical industry, through food, textile and medical industries, to criminal science investigation.

The Hebrew University is the leading Institution in these fields. The courses are delivered by the best lecturers and researchers. Therefore students  learn state of the art research directly from leading experts in Israel. 

Department Officials

Head of Department - Studies
Prof. Dima Gelman
Room 120, Philadelphia Building, tel. 02-6584588
*(for appointment with the chairman of the Chemistry Studies please contact Tali Hazi by mail or phone)


Secretary of Studies
Michal Nave
Room 105, Los Angeles Building, tel. 02-6585273


Secretary for students
Tali Hazi
Room 105, Los Angeles Building, tel. 02-6585267
Reception hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:30-15:30



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