Chemistry serves the basis for many diverse aspects of everyday life, and is a crucial aspect of many of the natural sciences, including biology, medicine, computer science and electronics, geology, and agriculture.

Chemistry is an applied science, as seen in the development and synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs, material engineering, nanotechnology, and more. But no less importantly, chemistry is also a fundamental science that investigates the basic principles of nature and how these relate to changes in matter through understanding the nature of chemical bonding, molecular interactions, etc.

Chemistry is also at the heart of Israel’s industry, ranging from traditional chemical industry, through the food, textile, pharmaceutical industries, all the way to forensic science.

The Institute of chemistry at the Hebrew University is a leading institution in Israel, and is well recognized world-wide in all these fields of chemical research. 

If you are curious and motivated in studies at the forefront of current scientific research, we invite you to register to the Chemistry program at the Hebrew University. This will afford you the chance to study with first rate lecturers and researchers, and  to learn first-hand and be directly involved in state of the art research as performed by premier experts.


Office of Chemistry studies

Head of undergraduate and graduate Studies
Prof. Lioz Etgar
Room 37, Los Angeles Building, tel. 02-6585325
*(for appointment with the chairman of the Chemistry Studies please contact Dorit Pahima by mail or phone)


Coordinator of students administrative services
Ilona Gajilieva
Room 105, Los Angeles Building, tel. 02-6585273


Secretary of students affairs
Dorit Pahima
Room 105, Los Angeles Building, tel. 02-6585267
Reception hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:30-15:30

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