Prof. Gad Marom

Casali 357
02 6586 068


B.Sc. -  (Chemistry and Physics) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1968.
M.Sc. -  (Organic chemistry) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1970.
Ph.D. -  (Polymer and Fibre Science) The Faculty of Technology (UMIST), The University of Manchester, 1972.



Academic Appointments:
Professor of Applied Chemistry (from 1985), Associate Professor (1980), Senior Lecturer (1976), Lecturer (1973), Instructor (1972).

Main Administrative Positions at HUJI:
Head, Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry (1984-1987)
Head, Graduate School of Applied Science and Tecnology (1987-1990)
Head, the University's Scientific Infrastructure Committee (1999-2002)
Head, the University's Development Program Committee (2006-2008)
Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Science (2008-2012)

Visiting Positions:
School of Materials Science and Engineering, NTU, Singapore (2015, 2013); Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, HKUST, Hong Kong (2013, 2005); Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan (2005); Garcia Center, SUNY Stony Brook (2012, 2005, 2002); Dept. of Chemistry, SUNY Stony Brook (2005, 2002); Dept. of Materials Engineering, Trento University, Italy (2008, 1993, 1990); Pioneering Research Laboratory, Textile Fiber Dept., E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co, Wilmington (1985); Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, IIT, Chicago (1980); Dept. of Physics, Bristol University, Britain (1975).

Editorial Board Member:
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing (until 2015).
International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives (until 2009).
Polymer Composites.
Applied Composite Materials.
Advanced Composites Letters (until 2010).
Science and Engineering of Composite Materials (until 1995).
Materiale Plastice.
Kompozyty (Composites) - Research Journal of the Polish Society of Composite Materials.

Professional Societies:
Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers, SPE (2004); Chairman of the Israeli Section of the Society for Advancement of Materials & Process Engineering, SAMPE (1996-7); President of the Israel Society of Polymers and Plastics (1992-4).




Composite materials, polymers and nanocomposites: Multi dimension structural morphology - property correlations.



  • Specific placement of nanoreinforcement in critical sites: a novel method for property improvement of composite materials.
  • Supra-molecular morphology in thermoplastic polymer nano-composites induced by nano-fillers and flow.
  • Metal-organic nanocomposites and their properties. (with Prof. D. Avnir)
  • Compacts of polyacrylonitrile for fire protection in ballistic and automotive applications.
  • Hydrophilic nanofibers from micro emulsions by electrospinning. (with Prof. S. Magdassi)
  • A biomimetic structural perspective of the mechanical properties of tendons. (with Prof. H.D. Wagner)
  • Three Dimensional (3D) functional printing. (with Prof. S. Magdassi)



Selected Recent Publications

  1. G.A. Tanami, Liliya Kovalenko, Chung Chueh Chang, M. Rafailovich, G.Marom,
    Morphology Related Bulk and Surface Mechanical Properties of Ultra-Low Diameter VGCF-iPP Monofilament Nanocomposites under Potential Confinement Conditions, Nanocomposites, 1 (2015) 18-26
  2. Hila Klein Selle, Benny Bar-On, Gad Marom, H. Daniel Wagner,
    Gelatin yarns inspired by tendons - Structural and mechanical perspectives gelatin yarns inspired by tendons - Structural and mechanical perspectives, Mater.Sci.Eng. C, 47 (2015) 1-7.
  3. Viktoriya Gordon, Gad Marom, Shlomo Magdassi,
    Formation of Hydrophilic Nanofibers from Nanoemulsions through Electrospinning, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 478 (2015) 172–179.
  4. Gad Marom and Golan Tanami,
    Interparticle confinement in nanocomposites, SPE Plastics Research Online, (2015) 10.2417/spepro.005834
  5. G.A. Tanami, Ellen Wachtel, G. Marom,
    Crystalline Structure and Thermodynamic Analysis of Ultra-Low Diameter VGCF-Polypropylene Nanocomposite Monofilaments, Polymer Composites, 37 (2016) 1641-9, DOI: 10.1002/pc.23336.
  6. T. Lyashenko-Miller, J. Fitoussi, G. Marom,
    The loading rate effect on Mode II fracture toughness of composites interleaved with CNT nanocomposites, Nanocomposites, 2 (2016) 1-7, DOI 10.1080/20550324.2016.1159372
  7. Y. Aouat, G. Marom, D. Avnir,
    Corrosion-Resistant Hybrid Nanoparticles of Polydimethylsiloxane@Fe, based on Fe(CO)5 Thermolysis, European J. Inorganic Chem., 2016 (2016) 1488–1496, DOI:10.1002/ejic.201501492
  8. Xuelong Chen, Yen Nan Liang, Ming Yin, Sunanda Roy, Gad Marom, Yongfeng Men, Xiao Hu,
    Exceptional Enhancement of Ductility and Toughness in Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/Carbon Nanotubes Composites, J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 133, (2016), DOI: 10.1002/app.43610
  9. T. Lyashenko-Miller and G. Marom,
    Delamination fracture toughness of UHMWPE fibers/Polyurethane laminates interleaved with carbon nanotubes-reinforced polyurethane films, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 28 (2017) 606–612, 1 JUL 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/pat.3848
  10. Gad Marom, H. Daniel Wagner,
    Should polymer nanocomposites be regarded as molecular composites? J. Mater. Sci.,  52 8357-8361 (2017) DOI 10.1007/s10853-017-1113-7
  11. Nadya Stern, Gad Marom, Liying Zhang, Xiao Hu,
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  13. Yair shalom, Ellen Wachtel and Gad Marom,
    Restructuring of confined crystalline morphology in the drawing process of VGCF-iPP nanocomposite filaments, Polymer, 154 (2018) 218-224
  14. L. WiegartG. S. DoerkM. FukutoS. LeeR. LiG. MaromM. M. NoackC. O. OsujiM. H. RafailovichJ. A. SethianY. ShmueliM. Torres ArangoK. TothK. G. YagerR. Pindak,
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